At Inka Gold Coffee, we are committed to much more than producing high-quality coffee; we aim to be a positive change agent in our community. Our mission of sustainability, education, and community development extends to Chaupimayo A - Santa Teresa, Cusco, Peru, a community of 90 families. As part of this community, where our family farm is also located, we deeply understand the local challenges and needs. Through our donation initiatives, we seek to address critical issues affecting our producers and their families, from the lack of access to renewable energy and adequate education to the need for improvements in agricultural infrastructure and access to basic medical services.

The funds raised go directly to specific projects that tangibly improve the lives of our community. We aim to empower our partners and neighbors with the tools and resources they need to achieve a more sustainable and prosperous future. Each donation is an investment in the well-being of Chaupimayo A, in preserving our coffee-growing traditions, and in building a community development model that can be replicated in other regions.


The objective of our donations is to fund and execute projects that have a significant and lasting impact on our community. From installing solar panels that provide renewable energy, educational programs that enhance the quality and value of our specialty coffee, to creating community health centers and agricultural infrastructure. Each initiative is designed to improve the quality of life, promote self-sufficiency, and strengthen the local economy, always with a focus on transparency and accountability.