Community Benefit Plant

The current processing plants in the community of Chaupimayo A - Santa Teresa are neither adequate nor complete to optimize the processes for specialty coffee. Producers face excessive physical labor, such as manually pulping coffee, which is not only exhausting but also negatively affects the quality of the beans. The lack of economic resources prevents many coffee growers from investing in appropriate machinery, limiting their ability to efficiently produce high-quality coffee.

Build a community processing plant equipped with appropriate technology. This will include:

  • Motorized pulping mills to replace manual machines, significantly reducing the physical effort required.
  • Pits and structures designed to optimize each stage of coffee processing.
  • Sorting and drying equipment to ensure uniform quality of specialty coffee.


  • Standardize the quality of specialty coffee.
  • Reduce manual physical labor, improving the working conditions of coffee growers.
  • Optimize production processes to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Promote a safer and healthier working environment for producers.


  • Design and Construction: We will work with specialized engineers to design an efficient processing plant tailored to the community's needs. Construction will be carried out in phases, starting with basic infrastructure and advancing to the installation of specialized equipment.
  • Equipment Acquisition: We will acquire motorized pulping mills, sorting and drying systems, and other necessary equipment for specialty coffee processing.
  • Training: We will provide intensive training to producers so they can efficiently use the new technology. Workshops will cover the use and maintenance of the equipment, as well as best practices in coffee processing.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: We will establish a continuous monitoring system to evaluate the impact of the new processing plant on coffee production. We will collect data on coffee quality, productivity, and producer satisfaction.

Required Investment: $12,000

How We Document the Use of Funds:

  • Detailed Reports: We will publish quarterly reports detailing each stage of the project, from design and construction to training and evaluation.
  • Financial Transparency: We will share financial details, including purchase invoices, construction costs, and operational expenses.
  • Testimonials and Visual Evidence: We will share photos and videos of the construction process, equipment installation, and training sessions. Additionally, we will collect testimonials from producers on how the new plant has improved their working conditions and coffee quality.
  • Documented Impact: We will publish case studies demonstrating the positive impact of the processing plant on the community, highlighting improvements in coffee quality and coffee growers' productivity.

Benefit Plant