Community Health Programs

In the community of Chaupimayo A - Santa Teresa, there is no medical center. Residents must travel 40 minutes by car to receive medical attention, which is not always possible due to a lack of economic resources. This situation affects the quality of life and health of the community, as many opt to walk long distances or do not receive timely medical care.

Build a community medical center equipped to handle emergencies and basic health needs. This project will include:

  • Basic infrastructure for medical consultations and emergencies.
  • Essential medical equipment and medications.
  • Spaces for maternal and child health care and vaccination.


  • Improve access to medical services and quality of life in the community.
  • Reduce unattended medical emergencies and health complications due to lack of timely care.
  • Create a safe and healthy environment for the inhabitants of Chaupimayo A.


  • Management and Operation: Before executing any activities, we will manage and obtain approval from the Peruvian government to ensure compliance with current regulations and standards. It is crucial to gain official government recognition for our community health center, as this will enable us to secure the necessary medical personnel, equipment, and medicines. By constructing our own facilities as a community, we want to ensure that the government recognizes the need and importance of providing medical care in our area, removing any excuse not to provide the required support.

  • Equipment: In collaboration with the state, we will acquire the necessary medical equipment and supplies for the operation of the center.

  • Design and Construction: We will use local materials, such as wood and earth blocks, to build the medical center. The community will collaborate in the construction under the direction of professionals. Donations will be used transparently and efficiently, primarily for:

    • Hiring a professional civil engineer for the design and supervision of the medical center construction.
    • Purchasing construction materials, including roofing, paint, finishes, and other necessary materials.
    • Installing electrification or renewable energy systems to ensure the sustainable operation of the center.
  • Education and Prevention: We will organize health campaigns to educate the community about disease prevention and healthy practices.

Required Investment: $40,000

How We Document the Use of Funds:

  • Detailed Reports: We will publish reports on the construction and equipment of the center, including photos and videos of the progress.
  • Financial Transparency: We will share financial details, including invoices for materials and medical equipment.
  • Testimonials and Visual Evidence: We will share photos and videos of health activities, testimonials from beneficiaries, and the impact of the center on the community.
  • Documented Impact: We will publish case studies demonstrating how the medical center has improved health and quality of life in the community.