Solar Panel Installation

Location: Chaupimayo A - Santa Teresa, Cusco, Peru
Population: 90 families, of which only 6% have solar panels.

Currently, some farms already have solar panels, but many community members cannot afford them due to their high cost. This limits access to renewable and sustainable energy, which is crucial for improving productive processes and reducing environmental impact, particularly in coffee production.

With the help of raised funds, we will be able to purchase and install solar panels. Solar energy will enable the completion of specialty coffee processes more efficiently and sustainably, reducing environmental impact and improving the community's quality of life.

Improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Chaupimayo A, reduce electricity costs, and contribute to the community's environmental sustainability. We aspire for the entire community, whether members or not, to benefit from this project in the future.

We will seek partnerships with the government and NGOs and use community donations to purchase and install the solar panels.

Required Investment: $30,000

How We Document the Use of Funds:
To ensure transparency, we will provide regular updates on our website and social media. These updates will include quarterly reports detailing the use of funds, with invoices, photos of the installed solar panels, and testimonials from the beneficiaries. We want our donors to see exactly how their contributions are used and the positive impact they have on the community.