Meet the Founders

Our Story

Welcome to Inka Gold Coffee, where a passion for specialty coffee meets a commitment to fairness, transparency, and sustainability. Founded by Yaquelin Quispe Huacac and Jaimy Moelands, we bring together our unique backgrounds and shared dedication to redefine the coffee industry.

Meet Our Founders

Yaquelin Quispe Huacac 
Born and raised in the awe-inspiring mountains of Cusco, Yaquelin grew up amidst the coffee-rich soil of La Finca Quispe. Her family’s generations-long connection to coffee cultivation instilled in her a profound understanding of the coffee journey, from seed to cup. From an early age, Yaquelin cherished the distinct flavors of specialty coffee, and her deep-rooted knowledge guides our efforts to bring these exquisite tastes to you.

Jaimy Moelands
Jaimy’s love for specialty coffee began with his visits to Peru in 2021 and 2022. Captivated by the vibrant communities and unique flavors, he was also deeply moved by the challenges faced by coffee farmers dominated by larger corporations. This experience ignited his fervent commitment to revolutionize the industry, advocating for fairness and equitable opportunities for all coffee farmers.

Our Commitment

Together, we founded Inti Andes Export S.A.C. in Peru and Andes Import V.O.F. in the Netherlands, uniting our efforts under the brand Inka Gold Coffee. We acknowledge the importance of introducing coffee enthusiasts to the exquisite natural flavors of specialty coffee while championing fairness, transparency, and sustainability at every step.

What We Offer

Premium Quality Coffee Our coffee is sourced from the finest beans in the Cusco region, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure optimal flavor and freshness.

Sustainable Practices We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment and support local communities. Our methods promote soil health, biodiversity, and environmental conservation.

Specialty Coffee Flavors from Peru Experience a diverse range of specialty coffee flavors unique to Peru. Our selection includes beans with notes of tropical fruit, rich chocolate, floral undertones, and a hint of spice. Each variety offers a distinctive and delightful coffee experience, reflecting the rich soils and unique climate of the Cusco region.

Join Us on a Coffee Journey

Explore our website to gain unparalleled insights into the coffee-making process, meet the vibrant communities behind our farmers, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of coffee cultivation. Through breathtaking photography, captivating narratives, and unwavering dedication, we're here to brew a brighter future for coffee farmers and enthusiasts alike.


  • Yaquelin Quispe Huacac

  • Jaimy Moelands