Sustainable Tourism

The community of Chaupimayo A - Santa Teresa is not yet recognized as a tourist destination. Potential visitors are unaware of the authentic experiences the community can offer, such as coffee farming life, local culture, and natural landscapes. Without an adequate promotional campaign, the community's tourism potential remains underutilized.

Conduct marketing campaigns and collaborate with tourism agencies to promote the authentic experiences our community offers. We will highlight experiential tourism, where visitors can immerse themselves in our traditions, culture, gastronomy, and the specialty coffee process. We will also showcase the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding our community.


  • Generate additional income for the community through sustainable tourism.
  • Promote local culture and traditions through authentic experiences.
  • Encourage environmental conservation and sustainable economic development.


  • Promotional Campaigns: Utilize digital platforms and collaborate with tourism agencies to promote the authentic experiences of our community.
  • Training: Train residents as tourist hosts to provide enriching and authentic experiences to visitors.
  • Infrastructure Development: Build basic tourist infrastructure, such as trails and resting areas, to enhance the visitor experience.
  • Tourism Events and Activities: Organize cultural events and tourism activities that highlight the cultural and natural wealth of our community.

Required Investment: $25,000

How We Document the Use of Funds:

  • Detailed Reports: Publish reports on the development of tourist infrastructure and promotional activities, including photos and videos of the progress.
  • Financial Transparency: Share financial details, including invoices for materials and promotional costs.
  • Testimonials and Visual Evidence: Share photos and videos of tourism events, testimonials from visitors and residents, and the impact of tourism on the community.
  • Documented Impact: Publish case studies demonstrating the positive impact of tourism on the community, highlighting improvements in income, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.