Education Programs

To standardize and improve the quality of specialty coffee, it is essential to educate producers about the proper processes. Currently, many producers lack technical knowledge, which negatively impacts the quality of the coffee. Without this education, they face inefficient and laborious processes that limit their ability to produce high-quality coffee. Additionally, education in finance and sustainability is crucial to improve the community's economy and self-sufficiency.

Organize workshops and talks with exclusive professional staff to teach producers about:

  • Specialty coffee processes, including techniques to improve coffee quality.
  • Pest and disease management.
  • Personal and family finance, to improve the management of their economic resources.
  • Organic vegetable cultivation techniques, to promote good nutrition and health.
  • Responsible animal husbandry, thereby improving food self-sufficiency.

Improve coffee quality, increase its market value, optimize production processes, and foster economic and food self-sufficiency in the community.

We will form alliances with the government and utilize donations to hire professionals to conduct the workshops. The workshops will focus on improving coffee quality, finance, organic cultivation, and animal husbandry. Regular sessions will be held to ensure continuous and effective learning.

Required Investment: $10,000

How We Document the Use of Funds:
We will provide detailed reports on the activities carried out, including workshop dates, topics covered, and participant testimonials. Additionally, we will share photos and videos of the educational sessions and the progress achieved in the community.