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Specialty Coffee Beans Set

Specialty Coffee Beans Set

✅ Single Origin Quality

✅ Sustainability Commitment

✅ Exceptional Flavor Profiles

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Discover the world of premium Peruvian coffee with our Specialty Coffee Beans Set, featuring four exquisite varieties from our homecountry Peru, Cusco: Geisha, Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor. Each pack contains 160 grams of carefully selected beans, roasted to perfection to bring out their unique flavors and aromas.

  • Geisha: Known for its floral and jasmine-like aroma with hints of tropical fruit, Geisha is a rare and highly sought-after variety that promises an unforgettable coffee experience.
  • Bourbon: Enjoy the rich, full-bodied flavor of Bourbon beans, characterized by their smooth chocolate notes and a hint of sweet caramel.
  • Typica: Experience the classic and balanced profile of Typica beans, offering a perfect harmony of acidity, sweetness, and a subtle nutty undertone.
  • Catimor: Delight in the bold and complex flavors of Catimor, with a distinctive spice and berry-like sweetness that sets it apart.

Each variety is sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Perfect for coffee aficionados looking to explore different profiles, this set makes an excellent gift or a luxurious treat for yourself.

Elevate your coffee ritual with these four exceptional varieties, each providing a unique journey into the world of specialty coffee. Brew, savor, and enjoy the rich diversity of flavors that only the finest beans can offer.

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