Transparant Supply Chain

We have a firm commitment to all aspects of our supply chain, from the selection of coffee beans to the delivery of final products to our customers. Our dedication to excellence and sustainability is reflected in every step we take to ensure the quality and authenticity of our Peruvian coffee.

Careful Selection of Coffee Beans
We work directly with our local producer partners, who have been previously trained in selecting export-quality and specialty coffees. This training ensures that our partners can carefully select each coffee bean, controlling and standardizing quality and ensuring compliance with phytosanitary requirements for export, as well as pest control. We conduct grain-by-grain selection to ensure the homogeneous quality of our coffee. Additionally, our training not only focuses on quality control but also encourages the creation of strong bonds with our partners, sharing knowledge and demonstrating our interest in the growth of our community, resulting in better appreciation of coffee from our region and country. Finally, our representative, accompanied by a highly knowledgeable and trained taster, is responsible for collecting the coffees that passed the primary quality control filter, taking them to our facilities for the following processes.

Processing and Controlled Production 
Once the coffee beans arrive at our facilities, they undergo rigorous secondary quality control. Our processing plant is equipped with the most advanced technology, and our team is properly trained to maintain quality and food safety standards according to Peru's regulations and export requirements. This process ensures that each batch of coffee is treated with the care and attention it deserves, preserving its unique flavors and distinctive characteristics.

Transparency and Equity in the Supply Chain
We strive and commit to maintaining fair and lasting relationships with our partners, ensuring fair prices and safe working conditions, as established by labor protection laws. We firmly believe that these practices are an important part of our definition as a company. Transparency and equity are the right way to do things, and furthermore, we understand from our own experience the hard and arduous work behind coffee production. We recognize that producers are often not valued as they should be, suffering from unfair payments that affect their family economy. We want to correct these practices and ensure that everyone benefits fairly. In this way, we further strengthen our commitment to our community, ensuring that our partners are delighted to be part of the team.

Supporting Local Communities
Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate. Through community development programs, training, and education, we seek to empower local farmers and improve their quality of life. We believe in developing mutually beneficial relationships that promote economic and social growth in our communities.

Innovation And Continuous Improvement
Finally, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement throughout our supply chain. We constantly seek new opportunities to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of our operations, keeping us at the forefront of the Peruvian coffee industry. In summary, our commitment to the supply chain is based on values of quality, transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility. We are dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality coffee products, grown sustainably and produced with integrity every step of the way.